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About Mamoosh

Mamoosh was conceived on a mild summer night by the sea
when two producers, from different backgrounds and generations, spontaneously put music to the moment they found themselves in; glasses raised to the setting sun, toasting the day at the Arboretum Trsteno, which one might know as Gardens of King's Landing, near
Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Mamoosh "Explorers beat"

Embark on a journey with Mamoosh's "Explorer’s Beat," a quintessential Mamoosh Lofi track that encapsulates the essence of the genre. Guided by the gentle picking of an acoustic guitar, each chord progression unveils the essential elements of a perfect Lofi beat: a laid-back hip-hop rhythm, a subtle yet resonant bassline, ethereal synth textures, and a touch of jazzy brass melodies.



A piece of driftwood is just a part of a tree that has died. Nothing magical about that, right? Well, for us, driftwood is also a symbol. It stands for a journey which started completely unexpectedly - perhaps at a point where you were content enough to close the book - when suddenly you find yourself in a new chapter, a new groove, peacefully drifting along on a whole new course. 
 We are Driftwood. We make Lofi chill music - the perfect soundtrack to our journey 


Introducing Driftwood's enchanting creation, "Meadow Melodies." This chilled Lofi Beat delicately weaves together jazzy piano chords, a velvety low bass synth, and the airy strumming of an acoustic guitar, all adorned with poignant brass melodies.